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We featured in the Stainless Steel Sassda Award in 2016 Presentation_Page_1

SA submerged arc systems adopted for wind towers
Three Starweld Infinity submerged arc welding (SAW) systems have been delivered to one of South Africa's wind tower manufactures as replacement for European imports.

SA Company Builds 600 t Bullet
Starweld Automation, a proudly South African welding equipment and automation OEM, has completed the Rotatordesign and manufacture of two
600 t rotators for fabricating five LPG storage
bullets required for the new R1.3-billion Sunrise
Terminal, currently under construction in
Saldanha Bay. African Fusion talks to Starweld’s
Steve Hutchinson and Robert Case. African_Fusion_Starweld_rotators.pdf

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Dimple Jacket Welding

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